Introducing Yealink’s UC Workstation & Headset Family!

Introducing Yealink’s UC Workstation & Headset Family!

Redefine your workspace with the UC Workstation

Most of us have multiple devices on our desktops: computers, headphones, cell phones, speakerphones, USB Hubs, charging cables, and cables for all kinds of devices, which create clutter and result in inefficient working.

With nearly 20 years of experience in communication & collaboration, Yealink hopes to redefine your workspace by combining these devices, giving you the flexibility to connect and manage communication from a single device.

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Yealink’s Headset Family

Yealink launched the new DECT Wireless Headset – WH6 Series on January 18th, which includes 4 models (WH62/WH63/WH66/WH67) that are new generation headsets, combining a highly compact design with a rich voice communication performance. They are dedicated to all users of private or co-working spaces.

  • Featuring Yealink’s Acoustic Shield Technology, with a two-microphone noise cancelling and voice transmitting.
  • Dual USB connection to PC and Phone simultaneously
  • Ringer for call reminder
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams, with a premium microphone for Open Office and a dedicated Teams button to activate Teams with one-touch, creating the most seamless Teams experience.
  • All-in-one design, combining a full-duplex speakerphone, USB hub, wireless charging stand (Optional) and a 4-inch console together with built-in Bluetooth allowing you to connect, manage and control devices and calls, providing more possibilities and convenience for collaboration.

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Yealink also offers a wired headset solution designed for Unified Communication, office, and call centre professionals. Featuring high-quality audio, exceptional wearing comfort, proven integration of Yealink IP phones, and a device management platform, the wired headset series ensures a great experience with every conversation.

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