Introducing Plantronics Savi 8200 Series

Introducing Plantronics Savi 8200 Series

Connect in confidence by managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with ease. The Savi 8200 Series wireless headset system also gives you the freedom of long-range roaming while enjoying the outstanding quality of enterprise-quality DECT audio. When it’s time to concentrate, active noise cancelling (ANC) tunes out background noise; or you can listen to music and media in hi-fi stereo with Savi 8220.

For greater call privacy, the noise-cancelling microphone filters out loud conversations nearby. Designed for enterprise environments, Savi 8200 Series works with Plantronics Manager Pro, subscription-based software-as-a-service that is sold separately, to offer IT valuable insights for system-wide management.

Features of SAVI 8200 Series

  • Ideal for enterprise and contact centre professionals who use multiple devices and require premium sound quality for their business communications
  • Active noise cancelling (ANC) tunes out background noise, ensuring great audio quality and fewer interruptions (Savi 8220)
  • Extraordinary sound quality with up to 590 ft/180 m line of sight roaming range from your PC or 180 ft/55 m in a typical office environment
  • DECT Security certified; uses the latest standards in DECT wireless security
  • Up to 13 hours of talk time and up to 50 hours standby time
  • Adaptive power system allows you to automatically downshift to low power when the headset is close to the base to save battery life and maximize density
  • Use the Savi 8200 system to conference in any two devices (PC, mobile or desk phone) with one intelligent, wireless headset system
  • Enjoy an enterprise-quality audio experience by listening to music and media in premium hi-fi DECT stereo (Savi 8220)
  • Conference two of your three devices together – PC to desk phone or mobile to PC – with the simple press of a button
  • Ringer in the base with volume controls (off, low, medium, high)
  • Connect up to a total of four Savi headsets for multiple calls, ideal for training, call resolution and easy conferencing
  • Limit the transmission of nearby conversations with the close conversation limiting feature (configurable in Plantronics Hub)
  • With one-touch call answer/end, volume up/down, mute and flash, you can manage calls using Plantronics Hub from any connected device
  • Intelligent management of audio bandwidths allows IT to optimize audio quality based on the number of headset users nearby (configurable in Plantronics Hub)
  • Enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) provides more natural sound to voices, delivering crystal-clear audio
  • SoundGuard™ DIGITAL technology provides advanced acoustic protection

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