5 Steps to choosing the right POLY Personal Solution For Working From Home

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5 Steps to choosing the right POLY Personal Solution For Working From Home

As working from home, at least some of the time is the new normal with most of the day spent on voice and video calls, selecting
the correct headset is critical to getting the job done. Poly has a range of headsets solutions to enable focus and productivity while
staying connected to colleagues and customers. With options to suit every budget, wearing preference, and connectivity needs,
you can choose from corded or wireless, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) or not, Microsoft Teams or standard, and the list goes on.

Consider these key points when choosing the right work from home headset:

1. Connectivity is Key

Enterprise headsets can connect to either a single device or multiple devices. For connection to both a computer and a mobile device,
select the Voyager UC series or Blackwire models that include a 3.5 mm connector.

2. Wired or Wireless

Looking to escape the noise, answer the front door or quickly check on children? Consider a wireless headset from either the Voyager
or Savi family.

Looking for a plug and play simplicity without the need to worry about charging? Consider the Blackwire range.

The Voyager 4210 UC and Voyager 4220 UC provides the best of both worlds. A wireless headset that can also be used as a wired
headset if needed.

3. Distracting Noise

Shared houses can mean distracting noises that need reducing for both the headset user and other people on the call. Headsets with
ANC and noise-cancelling microphone booms should be selected. These help users stay focused and ensure theirs is the only voice
heard on the call. For the ultimate in noise reduction performance, consider the Blackwire 8225.

4. Which wearing style is right?

Poly headsets come in several different styles to suit individual needs. For users working in a distracting environment with lots of
noise, consider a headset that covers both ears. For users who need to keep one ear open to their surroundings, look for a headset
that covers just one ear. Or you can select a headset with ANC and an open microphone feature such as the Voyager Focus UC that
both cancels noise and lets you hear what’s going on around you. There’s a convertible headset
like the Savi 8240 UC that includes several different wearing options in the box for users who are new to headsets.


For users that spend most of their time on video calls and are looking for a discreet wearing style, look to either the Voyager 5200 UC
with its over the ear design or the Voyager 6200 UC with its behind the neck with earbud design.






Wireless range Corded only DECT™: Up to 590 ft/180 m lines of sight Bluetooth: Up to 98 ft/30 m
Active Noise Canceling option Blackwire 8225 Blackwire 7225 Savi 8220 UC Voyager Focus UC Voyager 6200 UC Voyager 8200 UC
Microphone noise reduction Noise-canceling Noise-canceling with Acoustic Fence Technology— Blackwire 8225 Noise-canceling, close conversation limiting Various, depending on model
Talk time Unlimited as no battery is needed Unlimited with Savi 8245; up to 13 hours for Savi 8210/ Savi 8220 Up to 12 hours
Wearing style options Over-the-head mono or stereo Over-the-head mono or stereo Convertible Savi 8240 UC Over-the-head mono or stereo Neckband Voyager 6200 UC Over-the-ear Voyager 5200 UC
Connectivity Computer (and smartphone for some Blackwire models) Computer Computer and smartphone
Works with the most popular softphone platforms Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Teams certified Yes Yes Yes

Source: https://www.poly.com/au/


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