5 of The best Headsets For Music and Sport

5 of The best Headsets For Music and Sport

If you enjoy exercising and listening to music at the same time, you’re going to need a headset that is designed for sport. These headsets are made to be worn through sweaty workout sessions, are easy to access and use while you are on the go and won’t have you tangled up in cords.

Here are five of the best headsets out there and how they compare:

1. Jabra Sport Pace

This headset provides over-ear hooks which are great for runners and they’re also sweat, shock and weather resistant. They have a rapid-charge feature which is perfect for those last-minute workouts too. The sound quality is high and the Bluetooth connectivity makes pairing easy. These are available at a great price-point for those not wishing to spend a lot of money, but one negative is they only have a 5 hour battery life which will not be suitable for long-distance or endurance athletes.

2. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2

Featuring an over-ear hook, these headsets were designed for sport and are sweat and water resistant. They come in at slightly more than the Jabra Sport Pace but also boast an impressive 8 hours of listening time, and a quick-charge feature. The open ear tip design lets you hear the sounds around you, which is ideal for runners, but won’t suit use outside of this activity. Some may find the cord around the back of the neck hard to move around and irritable when running too.

3. Jabra Move Wireless

Unlike the headsets mentioned so far, this Jabra headset features ear cups which some may prefer to the over-ear design. This headset is lightweight and also boasts 8 hours of playback time, with an optional 3.5 mm cable if you prefer or run out of charge. These are available at the lower end of the price scale and the padding of the ear cups don’t offer much in the way of noise isolation, so sound leakage will be encountered.

4. Plantronics Backbeat Sense
This Plantronics solution is lightweight and features ear cans for portable listening and comfortable wearing. Although these are wireless, they still contain the 3.5mm jack which can be used if you run out of charge or prefer using a cord. This headset isn’t noise cancelling and is bulkier than others, so it isn’t easy to carry around when not in use. However, they do estimate up to 18 hours listening time once fully charged.

5. Plantronics Back Beat Pro 2
Offering another option with ear cups, this Plantronics headset offers an amazing battery life of 24 hrs and provides great sound quality and noise cancellation for this price point. Although costing double the amount of some of the headsets featured earlier, the incredibly long battery life will be an important feature for travelers or endurance athletes. Featuring leather around the ear cups, this headset is super comfortable to wear and folds down to a compact size for transporting. On the negative side these do, however, have a bass heavy sound signature which not everyone will love and the styling and color choices won’t suit everyone either.

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