3 Essential Accessories you Need For Your Office Communications

3 Essential Accessories you Need For Your Office Communications

3 Essential Accessories you Need For Your Office CommunicationsOffice communications have come a long way from past years, and if your office doesn’t have proper communication equipment, your business will suffer. Today we are going to discuss 3 essential accessories that your office needs for communications equipment.

Power Backup for VoIP

There will come a time when the power fails at your office, and when it does your VoIP communication will not work. This is why it’s essential to have a type of back up for these situations. Here are two different options that you can choose to back up your power supply to your VoIP.

  • UPS: Uninterruptable Power Supply will power up your equipment with a device whenever the power goes out or there isn’t enough to power your VoIP. It works by using a built in battery that supplies power when you don’t have any to run your equipment.
  • PoE: Power over Ethernet is exactly as it sounds. This allows your VoIP
    phones to be powered by regular style network cables and allows you to power
    all phones in the office with the convenience of one unit. It plugs into
    the wall and makes the installation of a battery backup supply easier.
    Is not a type of battery backup or UPS, useful if you don’t require separate
    cabling. Saves on the electrician and cabling cost.

Bluetooth Headset

To make taking calls easier, and enjoying music while you work, you should invest it a headset. You can choose to use a USB or Bluetooth style headset, both provide much better clarity than the basic in-line headsets. USB styles are great for those who don’t need to be actively moving around while talking. These provide great quality and clarity, and provide great sounds quality if you want to enjoy listening to music. Bluetooth does all the same as the USB styles, but it’s for those who are actively up and walking around most of the time. They don’t have to be plugged into anything, giving you the ease of wireless mobility, making it easier if you regularly print documents or use a fax machine, and you can also answer calls away from the phone using an ear hook switch.

Conference Phones

All professional businesses and offices need conference phones. They allow virtual and over the phone meetings and conferences, which is much easier than trying to get everyone in the meeting on one line to listen in. When choosing a conference phone think of the word B.R.A.I.N. This stands for:

  • Bandwidth
  • Reverberation
  • Amplitude
  • Interactivity
  • Noise

If you have all of these necessary tools in your office, you will be able to run it more smoothly and your communications will be perfect.

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