DrayTek DAP918RPD – IP67 Rated Dust & Water Resistant Outdoor 802.11ac wireless AP with high TX power up to 25dBm, 2 x Omni-directional antennae, built-in internal directional antenna up to 3km, 1 x Gigabit LAN port with PoE-PD port, 1 x Gigabit LAN port with PoE-PSE port, 2


DrayTek DAP918RPD – IP67 Rated Dust & Water Resistant Outdoor 802.11ac wireless AP with high TX power up to 25dBm, 2 x Omni-directional antennae, built-in internal directional antenna up to 3km, 1 x Gigabit LAN port with PoE-PD port, 1 x Gigabit LAN port with PoE-PSE port, 2

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VigorAP 918R Series 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band PoE Outdoor Access Point

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DrayTek VigorAP 918R Series is a compact outdoor wireless access point. It provides combined speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps and a capacity of 200+ active users. The series includes an RPD model, which is equipped with a PoE-Out port to deliver connectivity and power to another network device, such as an IP camera, and the internal 5GHz directional patch antenna can enhance the wireless performance for long-range point-to-point connection

AP-assisted Roaming

  • Making Transmission Effective: Disassociate the Wireless clients who are out of the effective transmission range defined by custom Basic Rate or/and RSSI threshold, and force them to pick up another access point with a stronger signal.
  • Resource Saving: Proactively kick out the clients with a low basic rate or low RSSI can prevent the access points trying to do ineffective transmission but saving the airtime, which will results in better WLAN experience for all.
  • No Controller Required: Assisted Roaming is a feature built in all Vigor Access Points and selected Wireless routers. They operate without a wireless controller, providing an ideal solution for simple network deployment.
  • Stronger Signal Guaranteed: By using the “Minimum RSSI with Adjacent AP” option, the AP/Router on the same local subnet will exchange client information with each other, providing the choice to disassociate the client only when other AP detecting a stronger signal. Thus to keep the client stayed when there is no other AP nearby.

What’s in it for you?

  • Easily link to other VigorAP to expand the wireless network
  • Weather Resistant:VigorAP 918R Series can withstand rain, heat, and cold to deliver internet connectivity to the outdoor environments.
  • Built-in Sensor:Built-in temperature and humidity sensor helps keep monitoring on temperature and humidity, and sends out SMS/Email alerts once reaching threshold.
  • Multiple SSID:Mapping Wi-Fi clients to different VLANs and have a different set of security standards
  • Airtime Fairness:Equalize the transmission time of each client so the legacy devices won’t slow everyone down
  • Band Steering:Redirect 5GHz-capable devices to the 5GHz radio to get a faster speed.
  • Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming:Solve the sticky client problem and improve Wi-Fi roaming experience.
  • Local RADIUS Server:User profile database for local and external 802.1x authentication
  • Wi-Fi Scheduling:Schedule Wi-Fi On and Off to control wireless access and save energy
  • PoE Power Supply:Simplify the infrastructure by getting data and power through a single cable.
  • Hotspot Web Portal:Market your business and communicate with the guests while offering hospitality WLAN.
  • Central AP Management:Manage, maintain, and monitor VigorAP 918R Series from the DrayTek routers
LAN Port
  • 1x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45, PoE-In
  • 1x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45, PoE-Out (model RPD)
  • 2x Dual-Band dipole External (Gain: 5 dBi for 5GHz, 3.5 dBi for 2.4GHz)
  • 1x internal 11 dBi 5GHz Directional Patched (model RPD)
Built-In Sensor
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • 1 x Factory Reset button
2.4GHz Peak Speed
  • 400 Mbps
5GHz Peak Speed
  • 867 Mbps
Max. Number of Concurrent Active Clients
  • 256 (128 per radio band)
2.4GHz Standard
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2x2 MIMO
5GHz Standard
  • IEEE 802.11a/n/ac Wave 2 2x2 MU-MIMO
Operating Mode
  • AP, Mesh Root, Mesh Node, Range Extender
  • AP-Assisted Roaming, PMK-Caching, Pre-Authentication
Airtime Fairness
Band Steering
Auto Channel Selection
Max. Number of SSID
  • 8 (4 per radio band)
Bandwidth Limit per Station
Client Number Limit
  • Per radio, Per SSID
Connection Time Control
IGMP Snooping
Security Mode
  • WPA3, WPA3/WPA2, WPA2, WPA2/WPA, OWE, WPA, WEP, None
  • Personal, Enterprise
  • PIN, PBC
Hidden SSIDs
MAC Address Filter
  • Up to 256 entries
Wireless Client Isolation
Mobile Device Management
Built-in RADIUS Server
Hotspot Web Portal
  • DHCP Server, DHCP, Client, DHCP Relay Agent
Static IP
MAC Clone
802.1q VLAN
  • Auto-Reboot, Wi-Fi Up/Down, LED On/Off
Local Service
  • HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet
  • Stand Alone, TR-069 (VigorACS), VigorRouter APM, VigorAP Mesh Root
Firmware Upgrade
  • HTTP, TFTP, TR-069
  • Speed Test, AP Discovery, Statistics, DHCP Table, Interference Monitor
Notification Alert
  • E-mail
  • v2, v2c, v3
Managed by VigorConnect
Managed by VigorACS
Central AP Management
  • 30 VigorAP
  • Outdoor
  • Wall Mount, Pole Mount
Power Method
  • 802.3af/at PoE 56V
Max. Power Consumption with PoE Output
  • 43.2 watts (model RPD)
Max. Power Consumption without PoE Output
  • 18 watts (model RPD)
Max. PoE Output
  • 12 watts (model RPD)
  • 243 mm x 161 mm x 72 mm
  • 0.9 kg
Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 70°C
Storage Temperature
  • -40 to 85°C
Operating Humidity
  • 5 to 95% non-condensing
  • CE