The 6 SSL Certificates and Their Uses

The 6 SSL Certificates and Their Uses

The_6_SSL_Certificates_and_Their_UsesOnline security is such an important part of doing business on the internet that you need to carefully consider your options, so that you make the best possible choices. Security is a concern for both individuals and businesses, but SSL technology has made it possible to do business online safely and securely. However in order to enable SSL on your site, you need what is known as an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate authenticates and verifies your site, and also encrypts data. It is a digital file that permits you to use SSL encryption technology. SSL certificates are normally issued by a Certified Authority or CA.

Types of SSL certificates

  1. Domain Validated Certificate: This is a low-authentication SSL certificate that provides encryption, but does not require company validation. It validates the domain ownership only. Many businesses choose this option because of the fast approval process and low cost.
  2. Organizational Validation (OV) Certificate: This certificate validates domain ownership and organisational information, therefore the certificate includes the name of the company that controls the website.
  3. Extended Validation (EV) Certificate: This certificate is issued based on an extensive set of verification criteria that must be met by the entity requesting the Certificate. EV certificates offer strong encryption.
  4. Single-name Certificate: This certificate supports a single domain name.
  5. Wildcard Certificate: A standard SSL certificate is issued for a single domain name, such as –  However, a Wildcard certificate can secure a primary website and unlimited subdomains, so it could be issued for *
  6. Multiple Domain/SAN Certificate: This type of certificate includes a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field, which allows you to secure up to 99 additional domain names, in addition to the primary domain name.

The type of SSL certificate issued will therefore depend on the number of domains to be secured, or the validation level.

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