Audio and Video Conferencing Equipments for Improved meetings worldwide

Designed to improve meetings and work culture, the varied audio, and video conferencing equipments are not more just a mere concept, instead a reality. MyITHub presents an exclusive collection of video and audio conferencing solutions, catered to the present needs and requirements of businesses worldwide.

At MyITHub, we are largely known for offering a host of eminent brands including Yealink, Jabra, EPOS Sennheiser, and more. These simple plug-and-play devices such as zoom certified conferencing devices are designed to improve meeting experiences across workplaces. With great styling and built-in advanced mechanisms, wireless conference phones and similar devices are a treasure to explore.

What devices are required for video conferencing?

Several devices are crucial for video conferencing such as browser-based interfaces, mobile video apps, web conference software, audio conferencing devices, and many more.

What are the different types of video conferencing?

There are two primary types of video conferencing, namely point to point video conferencing and multi-point video conferencing, where point to point video conferencing consists of 2 users and multi-point video conferencing includes more than 2 users.

What are the best brands for offering video and audio conferencing solutions?

The best brands offering video and audio conferencing solutions are POLY, Jabra, EPOS Sennheiser, Yealink, Grandstream, and more.