Wired IP Conference Phones Based on Size

Wired IP Conference Phones Based on Size

If you’re interested in purchasing a wireless IP conference phone but aren’t sure which option to choose, we’ve outlined the most popular alternatives available based on size. With reference to size, this encompasses the number of participants each phone has the capacity to include on a conference call, and the scale of the room sound is designed to be transmitted across.

Small conference rooms (3 to 6 participants)

Polycom SoundStation IP 5000

This phone is designed for small offices and conference rooms. It has compatibility with many SIP call platforms, integrated power over ethernet, advanced voice technology for clarity of sound, and doesn’t experience interference from mobile phones or wireless devices.

Yealink CP860
Ideal for both small and medium conference rooms, the Yealink CP860 has a wide range of audio features such as optima HD technology and acoustic echo cancelling for rich, lifelike sound. It also has a call recording feature and links to PC or mobile phones.

Mid-size conference rooms (6 to 9 participants)

Polycom SoundStation Duo
This dual purpose phone is designed for mid-size conference rooms and has the functionality to connect groups of people in numerous locations. With superior sound clarity, compatibility with many different IP call platforms, a unique echo cancelling feature and resistance to wireless device and mobile interference, it’s very versatile.

Polycom SoundStation IP 6000
Perfect for mid-size conference rooms, this phone has patented Polycom acoustic technology for premium sound clarity. Other features include integrated power-over-ethernet for easy installation, compatibility with multiple SIP call platforms and resistance to interference from mobile and wireless devices.

Large conference rooms (9 to 12 participants)

Konftel 300IPIncredibly versatile, the Konftel 300IP conference phone is designed for large conference rooms and multiple groups of people in different locations. Because it’s SIP-based, this phone is suitable for companies with IP telephony. As it’s equipped with OmniSound® 2.0, Konftel’s patented sound technology, this phone has amazingly clear sound quality. Other features range from exporting and importing contacts, wireless headset connectivity and web based configuration.

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