Why every company needs a reliable conference telephone system?

Why every company needs a reliable conference telephone system?

Konftel 300Wx
Konftel 300Wx

These days, it’s easy to communicate with employees, stakeholders or even other branches of a business using digital communication such as email. But how effective is this? Most companies have more than one branch and employees who work remotely, in different states or even in different countries. Messages can be lost in emails and text and it is easy for the receiver to misinterpret a message or even the tone of purpose. An efficient and reliable conference telephone is vital for business success and communication for the following reasons:

1. Instant answers

Although slipping in popularity, a phone call is the best way (other than human contact) to receive a direct and efficient answer to a question instantly.

2. Interactive

An effective conference telephone service can bring numerous employees or stakeholders together at the same time, without being in the same place. Phones such as the Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 Conference Phone are known for their voice clarity and flexible configuration options.

3. Safety

A conversation conducted over a phone is far more secure than a large and difficult to decipher email trail. While many high-quality conference telephones can record conversations, it’s far easier to discuss sensitive information in privacy without fear of the content being stolen or ending up in the wrong hands.

4. Reliability

Certain conference telephones allow numbers, offices and locations to be pre-entered into the device, which makes the process of connecting a call simple for a technology novice. Many high-class conference telephones have the capability to connect to a screen and camera, so people dialling in from remote locations or different office can not only see each other but can also present the physical element of what they are speaking about on the screen.

An essential aspect when selecting a conference telephone is to decipher the model in question’s intelligence. In order to save time, resources and eliminate confusion or mixed messages, the speech on conference telephones must always be clear.

The five main aspects that affect speech clarity are reverberation, amplitude, interactivity, noise and bandwidth. A great conference telephone will evenly sync all of these elements. MyItHub have an extensive range of high-quality conference telephone systems for sale which will make cross-company communication more effective. Get in touch with us today.

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