Polycom Soundstation

Polycom Soundstation

All offices have a need for conference phones, they make it easy to hold virtual meetingsPolycom Soundstation and conferences with a large group of people.  There are tons of choices on the market for conference telephones, but do you know which one is the best?

We do!

The Polycom Soundstation line of conference phones have everything a business office needs for communication.

Polycom is known for their high-quality conference phones that deliver crystal clear sound and voice quality, advanced audio processing, and extensive microphone pick-ups.  With the Polycom Soundstation conference phones you can expect to receive:

  • Clear voice and sound quality, making meetings super easy
  • Smooth and seamless conversations
  • 360 degree microphone pickup
  • Improve the quality of your meetings and the productivity they produce

Let’s take a look at a few of the different models of the Polycom Soundstation conference phones you can choose from.

Soundstation IP5000Polycom Soundstation IP5000

This model is the newest of the Soundstation line.

It’s perfectly designed for smaller office rooms and smaller meetings, perfect for businesses that are just starting up. 

It supports 7 kHz Polycom HD voice, also with a 2 metre microphone range.

Enjoy the convenience of the 248X68 backlit panel display, with 4 different programmable keys.

Soundstation IP6000Polycom Soundstation IP6000

This model works best in small or medium sized rooms, and it has a microphone pickup range up to 4 metres away. 

The range can be expanded using expansion mics for your convenience. 

You can choose either wired or wireless expansion mics, both are available for different company’s needs. 

It has a 24X68 white backlit panel display and also a 2.5mm headset jack.

Soundstation IP7000Polycom Soundstation IP7000

This model is the big boy of the Soundstation line and has the most features compared to the others. 

It has a 2.5mm jack for a headset, but you will receive a larger white lit panel display, 255X128. 

It’s amazingly capable of a 6 metre range microphone pickup, and this can be expanded even more through expansion mics.  It also has 22 kHz of exceptional quality sound. 

For even more features you can connect more than one to create a longer microphone range and call volume.  You can use it with the Polycom HDX for video conference calls.

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