Mobile Conference Phone

Mobile Conference Phone

VOIP Conference PhonesConference phones are being used across all businesses and industries, however due to changing business dynamics, and with the widespread use of the 3G mobile spectrum, it has become possible for the users to arrange n-way calls while on the move as conference phones become mobile.

In particular, the Konfitel 300M is one of the most versatile conference phones equipped with cutting edge features such as OmniSound the patented audio technology of the company that allows wideband audio, ergo a much better sound quality and that allows people to communicate without worrying about noise interference. One of the most important advantages of the Konftel 300M is its long battery life that can extend up to 30 hours, and it can used be even when the adapter is charging at the power outlet.

A particular feature of all Konftel phones is that all voice conference calls can be recorded on to an SD memory card. Being a mobile device, the Konftel 300M also has SMS facilities to connect with other mobile phones, which is handy when you’re on the go. In addition, you can save on your “speed dial” conferencing groups that may connect regularly.

The Konftel 300M can also make VOIP calls by connecting it to a computer on the network via a USB cable – in fact it is very easy to switch between VOIP and 3G connections by selecting the outgoing line when dialing out.

Setting up the Konftel 300M is very easy – insert your SIM card, charge up the phone and it’s ready to use.

The phone has 360 degree coverage as is expected in any top quality conference phone, and it has a microphone radius of about 30 metres. It can easily accommodate up to 10 participants so it is quite a formidable conference phone.

The Konftel 300M is quite easy to use, with an LCD screen providing an easy to navigate user interface that seems perfect for people who are not technical.

As mobile networks are upgraded and signal dropouts are decreasing rapidly, it won’t be long before mobile conerence phones like the Konftel 300M are regular features of business life.


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