Analogue Based Conference Phones – Wired vs Wireless

Analogue Based Conference Phones – Wired vs Wireless

Everyone faces challenges managing in managing their busy work schedule.  This is whereAnalogue Based Phones - wired or wireless? a conference phone can prove out to be extremely helpful to you in saving time.  Conference phones are not limited to VOIP systems, they are equally available for analogue phone systems as well.

Often, it can be quite difficult for any number of individuals to attend every meeting or event, often because urgent work.  In cases like these, a conference phone might prove to be an extremely useful tool for you.

Conference phones are available in two different variants: wired conference phones like the Polycom SoundStation 2, and wireless conference phones like the Polycom SoundStation 2W (wireless).

A wireless conference phone is connected to the analogue telephone line, however the speaker would sit on the table, and does not require any cables to connect the speaker to the equipment.  The speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery, so it completely eliminates the need for any cabling.  It is somewhat similar concept to your cordless home phone, except the home phone is not the best tool for teleconferencing.

A “wired” version of the conference phone requires a cable to connect the speaker directly to the telephone socket and also a power cable as well.  This may be messy, and often it can result in inconvenient and unsafe environments.  The difference is in the cost  – wireless units will require a higher budget.

It’s also worth noting that there will be no frequency interference where you have many wireless devices or pieces of equipment within the business environment.

Conference phones are highly convenient to professionals and they are widely used in almost every industry.

It is evident that given the highly technical and wireless world we live in, that wireless conference phones are in high demand in the market – it is simple, clean and effective to use and doesn’t have a tangle of cables trailing behind it.

Regardless of wireless or wired, the best thing about conference phones is that they are user friendly, reliable and much more convenient compared to other business communication devices, especially when it comes to remotely attending meetings.

One of the key benefits of conference phones is that they are a ideal for collaboration.  This is especially true if you are working offsite or remotely, or even have a remote team.

Conference phones are also very easy to use, retaining the same operational procedure as a normal telephone, or even a mobile phone.

Give the simplicity and ease of use, and the growing necessity to collaborate, conference phones are an essential business tool for businesses.

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