Avaya 9504 Digital Telephone for IP Office R7+


Avaya 9504 Digital Telephone for IP Office R7+

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9508 Digital Telephone for IP Office R7+

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Avaya is continuing driving design innovation by offering two new paperless digital sets in the same design line as the 9600 telephones:
These telephones are delivering all the core values of the 5400 digital sets while innovating in areas like backlight displays for easy readability and full duplex handsfree support also on digital sets (9508 only)

The two button-orientated models, the 9504 and 9508, provide a traditional user experience with dual color buttons on either side of the graphical displays. These are ideal for customers who are migrating from a traditional digital environment and desire to move to IP with minimal change. As well as targeting more traditional users, these models are suited for Everyday users who use voice as an element within their business communications but are not considered power users.

The 9504 and 9508 models have 4/8 buttons around the display with 2/4 on the left and 2/4 on the right. Users can select to display information in a single column with two/four rows or in two columns with two/four rows each, depending on their needs. In two-column mode, approximately thirteen characters can be displayed on a line in each column. The exact number depends on the language and the characters because the font includes variable width characters.

As digital telephones, the new sets offer superior power efficiency. They are full powered from IP Office when

The 9508 includes support for a new 2 x 12 button module on which features, speed dials, bridged or individual call appearances can be programmed. A maximum of 3 button modules of either type can be connected to these Deskphones. Please note that a separate power supply is needed when a BM12 is connected.  

Each model also includes one touch access to key applications including Contacts, History (previously Call Log) and Home (previously menu). One touch access to these core applications simplifies the user experience and eliminated the new to navigate through menus to get to the most commonly used features.

On top of that, when connected to IP Office these telephones will offer access to advance IP Office features like Visual Voice, IP Office Feature menu or centralized storage for call log, system directory and personnel directory. With that they offer full support of the hot-desking capabilities of IP Office.

The 9504 has a four-line monochrome display with backlight, while the 9508 has the same backlight 8-line monochrome display as the 9608 IP version.

These models support a dual position stand at approximately 40º or 60º degrees. The display is fixed and is not adjustable like other 9600 Series IP Deskphones. The 9504 and 9508 do not support removable faceplates.