Alogic Ultra Fast + Usb-a to Lightning 1m Cable ? Space Grey USB Cables – SULA8P01-SGR


Alogic Ultra Fast + Usb-a to Lightning 1m Cable ? Space Grey USB Cables – SULA8P01-SGR

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ALOGIC Ultra Fast + USB-A to Lightning 1m Cable – Space Grey

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Finally. A charging cable you can really connect with. ALOGIC’s Ultra Fast Plus is born to weather the push and pull of your daily charging regime. Your go-to cable any time you need to give your iPhone, iPad and iPod a top-speed battery boost. An arterial, too, to rapidly transfer data between your Lightning devices, laptops and computers.

Bendable. Not Breakable.
Made with Premium Cable Materials.
People who use smartphones, tablets and laptops get burned by charger cables all the time. Some, literally (ouch). The Ultra Fast Plus is the charger cable you’ll actually be glad to have at home. Cocooned in a fashion-forward jacket of double-braided nylon and cotton, this powerhouse won’t break on you. But, oh, will it bend and snake. Behind couches, under beds, in car consoles, and all elsewhere cables and chargers coalesce. Our tests show it can absorb the stress of 35,000 bends in its lifetime.

Takes Life’s Hardest Knocks.
Backed with Big Warranty
It ends badly with so many device-charging cables. Not the Ultra Fast Plus. It’s so durably constructed inside and out we’ve stamped it with a five-year warranty. Plug your devices in for a love story that’s just waiting to happen.

Goes Where Other Cables Can’t.
A Connector for Cramped Spaces
With its small metal connector, the Ultra Fast Plus cable is easy to plug into spaces off-limits for other cables (unless you want to lift furniture to use those other cables). Its premium metal connector design enhances its long-term value too.

A Cable For Safe Spaces.
Certified for your Safety
Lightning cables that aren’t certified for safety and performance can be faulty and hazardous. The Ultra Fast Plus, however, is one of the first Lightning Cables on the market to be approved by Apple. The Apple MFi (Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad) badge is endorsement the Ultra Fast Plus safely charges Apple devices it’s connected to at optimal speeds.