Alogic Fusion Series Usb-c 3.2 GEN 2 to 1mMale Male5A / 20gbps USB Cables – FUSCC1-SGR

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ALOGIC Fusion Series USB-C 3.2 GEN 2 to USB-C 3.2 GEN 2 1m – Male to Male – 5A / 20Gbps

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This is an all-in-one cable for your power, video and data needs. It combines its 100W power delivery support with SuperSpeed [20Gbps] data transfer, which is manifoldly faster than the USB 2.0 [480Mbps] and USB 3.0 [5Gbps] of traditional data arteries.
Plug in your cable to share large holiday photo collections, digital albums, and movie collections between devices in seconds.

4K: The Clear Difference

Enjoy all your favourite multimedia content on exquisitely lifelike screens. The Fusion cable supports 4K [60 Hz] external displays, High Dynamic Range [HDR] and multiple digital audio channels, so you can enjoy fully- enhanced audio-visual experiences at your desk or in your lounge room.

Full-Speed Charging

The Fusion supports charging at up to 100W, the maximum power available through USB-C Power Delivery. Pair it with a 100W USB-C charger so you can safely charge your smartphone, tablet and laptop in a fraction of the time you need to charge devices with traditional cables. The Fusion is the fast lane to all-out mobility when fully-charged devices between home and office are essential.

Built Tough. Feels Supple.

ALOGIC’s engineers have purpose-built the cables in the Fusion series to outlive your digital devices. The head is furnished with thermoplastic and metal alloy, which protect the cable body from everyday stress & strain. The cable’s interior wires are fortified by synthetic fibre and clothed in a supple double-braided nylon jacket made for maximum durability.
Use a Fusion cable in to support the full potential of your devices, and end the frustration that brittle cables cause when they fall apart.

Connect All Your USB-C Devices

Following on from devices: The Fusion is compatible with your entire ecosystem of USB-C devices, including phones, tablets, headphones and keyboards. All your devices perform better when they’re interconnected.

What’s in it for you?

  • Data Transfer Rate 100W Ultra HD- Durable Braiding- Power Delivery- Universal Compatibility- USB-C