2N IP Verso – Bluetooth & RFID reader (125kHz, secured 13,56MHz, NFC)


2N IP Verso – Bluetooth & RFID reader (125kHz, secured 13,56MHz, NFC)

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The Bluetooth & RFID Card Reader Module provides a safe and convenient way to unlock doors using a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone or tablet with the 2N Mobile Key application, or most 125KHz or 13.56MHz cards or fobs.



The reader for 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso intercom that combines the RFID technology with a modern approach to access control based on the Bluetooth mobile credentials. This compact module uses multi-frequency RFID reader and reads also secured RFID cards. It also offers a possibility for authentication using a smartphone with installed 2N® Mobile Key app

The Bluetooth Module can be used either within the same frame as the Main Units, individually in it’s own frame, or with other Additional Function Modules in a multiple-Module Frame

What’s in it for you??

  • Open doors using a smartphone
  • Mobile credentials for free
  • Reads secured RFID cards
VersionCompatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher (BLE)
RX sensitivityup to -93 dBm
RangeAdjustable (short ~ 0.5 m, medium ~ 2 m, long ~ up to 10 m)
ModesTap in app, Dual factor authentication (with PIN code)
SecurityRSA-1024 and AES-128 encryption
RFID card reader125 kHz (EM4100, EM4102, Prox), 13.56 MHz (ISO14443A, ISO14443B, NFC support), reads PACs ID (iCLASS SIO-enabled cards), reads UID (CSN)
Weight (Net)0.17kg