2N IP Verso – Touch keypad


2N IP Verso – Touch keypad

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This module is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen that reliably registers each and every touch. Each press of the keypad and subsequent evaluation of the entered PIN code (acceptance or rejection) is signalled visually.



2N IP Verso – Touch keypad 9155047 module presents another option for the 2N IP Verso. After entering a PIN code, a user can open the door. The PIN code can be either similar for several users or unique for each of them. The Touch Keypad module is suitable for outdoor and indoor installation.

What’s in it for you?

  • Adjustable intensity of brightness
  • Numeric option for calling
  • Silent alarm activation
Capacitive technology
High sensitivity of the touch layer (0.1pF)
Regular automatic calibration (SmartSense Auto-tuning)
Water tolerance (no false touches on a damp surface)
Operating temperature range: -20 to 55 ºC