3CX Phone System Enterprise Annual License

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Power your small business with a 3CX PBX Business Phone System and take advantage of the latest in integrated business communications and customer engagement technology.

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Stay in control. Save BIG!??

Unlike most other enterprise phone systems, 3CX does not charge on a monthly user basis. Instead, you pay once a year – at a very low cost – based upon concurrent calls. Keep control of your own trunks and numbers too. It’s the PBX of choice for 100,000 instals and growing. With no contract to sign – walk any time.

Want to self manage and self host???

No problem! 3CX is so easy to manage, your IT can do it. Host your 3CX on Amazon, Google and Digital Ocean. Deploy direct via their marketplaces. Or have us manage your system with 3CX Hosting.

Coming from Avaya or Mitel???

It?s easy to migrate your telephone system to 3CX. Save big on maintenance and replacement hardware. You can even re-use selected Avaya IP Phones

No extra cost video conferencing – integrated with your 3CX??

Guests join anonymously. It’s browser based

When you host a video conference the hosting takes place on your 3CX installation. Your data is revealed to no-one other than you – the Host. Invitee information is not revealed to 3CX.

Cut costs. Access from anywhere. Multi-language Forget per user, per month pricing. Your 3CX phone system includes reliable and easy to use integrated video conferencing. Manage directly from your dashboard. Bring your people from around the world together in a single virtual meeting room. We?ll provide all the features you need.

Unbeatable price. Advanced features. Self-hosted or on-premise??

Forget per user per month. It?s one low, yearly price per system. Choose from self host, hosted by 3CX or on-prem. 3CX PBX is easy to install. It?s also easily managed by your IT team. No prior telco experience needed. 3CX is up to date and secure. Each release is pen tested for possible vulnerabilities. Work on the go with the best iOS, Android, Windows and Web apps in the market

3CX Simultaneous Calls (SC):

  • Simultaneous Calls refer to the number of concurrent phone calls that your 3CX phone system can support at any given time.
  • The SC capacity is an important consideration, as it directly impacts your ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously, such as customer inquiries, internal communications, or client interactions.
  • 3CX offers various SC options, allowing you to choose the number that best suits your business requirements. These options can typically range from a few simultaneous calls to a higher number, depending on your specific needs and the service plan you select.
  • Your choice of SC should align with your expected call volume and the scale of your operations. For instance, smaller businesses may opt for a lower number of SC, while larger enterprises might require a higher capacity to manage their communication flow effectively.
  • Keep in mind that the number of SCs can impact the overall cost of your 3CX service, so it?s essential to choose a suitable level that meets your business needs without overcommitting.

When deciding on the appropriate number of Simultaneous Calls for your 3CX system, it’s beneficial to assess your call traffic, peak call times, and growth projections. This will help ensure that your communication system can efficiently handle the demands of your business while staying cost-effective.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Easy setup: Have your IT team deploy 3CX in a matter of days. It’s easy – trunks and phones come preconfigured.
  • Do-it-yourself admin: 3CX is so easy to manage day to day – your IT team can do it themselves. Delegate to department admins too.
  • Contact Center: Features include advanced call queue strategies, call reports, call recording and more – at no extra cost.
  • No per user licensing: Only pay one low annual price per system, based on concurrent calls not users.
  • Self host or on-prem: You choose – Windows or Linux, hosted by 3CX or self-hosted on Amazon, Digital Ocean, Azure or Google.
  • MS 365 & Google: Admins: Sync users and leverage SSO. Users: Sync contacts and calendar entries.
  • Cut call & phone costs: Don’t get locked into expensive call rates or proprietary hardware. 3CX is open standard.
  • Call, video, message: Centralize your communications into one system. 3CX unifies calls, video, live chat, WhatsApp, & SMS.