2N Access Unit – Fingerprint reader


2N Access Unit – Fingerprint reader

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Access Unit with Biometric Fingerprint Reader

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An IP access control unit equipped with fingerprint reader. Thanks to its optical sensor, it provides maximum security, high reliability, and rapid fingerprint reading response. It works on indoor and outdoor installations under any weather conditions.

  • Reliable optical technology
  • Innovative and functional design
  • False fingerprint detection

What’s in it for you?

  • RELIABLE OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY:The fingerprint reader uses optical fingerprinting technology to read a fingerprint, ensuring reliable identification of the user when their finger is first applied to the reader.
  • INNOVATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN:The access control unit is designed so that you can simply place your finger on the sensor without the need to press it down unnaturally.
  • FALSE FINGERPRINT DETECTION:A fingerprint is a user’s unique identifier which cannot be stolen, but can be copied. Our access control unit can detect such fake fingerprints.
  • ACOUSTIC AND VISUAL SIGNALLING:Acoustic and visual LED signalling located directly above the sensor indicate the fingerprint reader’s status.
  • ADDING NEW FINGERPRINTS:Loading a new fingerprint is crucially important for correct evaluation during real use. For this reason, the user must have their finger scanned three consecutive times to guarantee an optimum match.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION:A single ethernet cable, Power over Ethernet, and the option to connect a lock, exit button, or door contact directly to the unit make installation very simple.
  • WEB INTERFACE ADMINISTRATION:Simply connect the access control unit to your LAN and everything can be set up via the intuitive web interface.
  • TAMPER PROTECTION:2N® Access Unit Fingerprint Reader is equipped with a mechanical protective switch. As soon as anyone attempts to damage the unit mechanically, the switch is activated and an alarm is set off.
  • MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION:Other expansion modules (an RFID reader, keypad, or Bluetooth) can be connected to the 2N Access Unit Fingerprint Reader ensuring dual identification of users in areas with a high level of security.
  • SENSOR RESISTANT TO EXTERNAL FACTORS:Thanks to its mechanical properties, the fingerprint reader is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation.

SensorOptical touch sensor
Sensor surfaceSensor surface protected by toughened glass
False fingerprint detectionYes
LEDIndication using multicoloured LEDs
ResistanceMoisture and dust-resistant
Ambient light suppressionWorks even in direct sunlight
Large fingerprint reading surface15.24 x 20.32 mm
Operating temperature-20°C ~ 55°C
CertificationFBI PIV
Dimensions99(W) x 123(H) x 47(D) mm
Dimensions: Frame for fitting on surface107(W) x 130(H) x 28(D) mm (additional 18(D) mm for 916019 unit)
Dimensions: Frame for recess fitting in wall130(W) x 153(H) x 5(D) mm (additional 18(D) mm for 916019 unit)
Box for mounting in wall (dimension of minimum hole in wall)108(W) x 131(H) x 45(D) mm
Weight (Net)0.40kg
Weight (Gross)0.70kg