2N 2Wire (set of 2 adaptors and power source)


2N 2Wire (set of 2 adaptors and power source)

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2N 2Wire (x2) to connect IP devices over 2 wires including supply power via POE

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The 2N 2Wire is a set of two convertors that allows you to connect any IP device installed at a location with no IP infrastructure to your network. You connect the two convertors via the existing analogue distribution mains from the original doorbell or intercom and then connect your IP device to one of these, e.g. an IP intercom, and connect the other to a switch. The advantage is that you don’t have to configure anything. In addition, you only need one analogue cable for the transmission of audio, video and to supply power.

  • Ethernet including PoE over 2 wires
  • Easy installation
  • Long reach

What’s in it for you?


  • ETHERNET INCLUDING POE OVER 2 WIRES:Connect any IP device using a two-wire or coaxial cable, even in an analogue environment, or a site with limited IP infrastructure

  • EASY INSTALLATION:No more configuring! At each end of the cable you just plug in one 2N® 2Wire unit and connect at least one of them to a power source.
  • LONG REACH:Powering the IP-connected devices via PoE is possible up to a distance of 220m, twice the maximum Ethernet specification cable length.
  • UNIVERSAL ETHERNET ‘EXTENSION:With 2N® 2Wire you’ll get Ethernet even in places with no IP network. You can hook up any IP devices, e.g. 2N IP intercoms.
  • ROBUST ALUMINIUM HOUSING:Thanks to its aluminium housing the 2N® 2Wire converter is rugged and resistant to mechanical damage.
  • UTILIZE EXISTING CABLING:2N® 2Wire enables you to make use of existing wiring. You won’t have to lay new cables or do construction work.
  • RELIABILITY:The converter will not let you down. It is significantly more reliable, in comparison with alternatives, such as a WiFi connection.
  • SCREW-IN CONNECTORS:2N® 2Wire uses high-quality connectors, which prevents cables from falling out, giving you even more reliability.
  • POWER SUPPLY:Included is an adapter with a selectable US/UK/EU plug.


Ethernet Interface
Connector type: RJ45
Speed: 10/100 Base T, half-duplex / full-duplex, auto-negotiation, IEEE 802.3af/at 40W, PoE+ compatible
Extension cable interface (2-wire/UTP)
Cable type: 2-wire, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or similar
Impedance: 25Ω to 100Ω
Transfer range: max. 220m (720 ft) with Cat 6
Transfer method
Access method: CSMA/CA and TDMA
Modulation method: Windowed OFDM
Frequency band: 1.8MHz to 30MHz
LED indicator lights
Power supply: Blue – power on
BNC: Green – connection on
PoE: Green – connection on
Electrical power supply
AC input: 100~240V AC, 50~60Hz
DC output: 48V DC / 0.84A~1.3A
Mechanical properties
Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 2.95 in, 40 x 40 x 75mm (h x w x d)
Weight: 120g (4.2 oz)
Material: extruded aluminium
Operating temperature: -10°C – 50°C (14°F – 122°F)
Storage temperature: -30°C – 70°C (-2°F – 158°F)