Did you want a sleek looking Wireless headset?

Plantronics cs540

Did you want a sleek looking Wireless headset which not only impeccable voice quality but is extremely smart when placed next to your deskphone.

CS540 has numerous ways that it can be adjusted so that the microphone is close to your mouth. It comes with 3 hooks to hook around your ear with one size removable earpiece. The device is very impressive in its charging capability as it charges very fast and comes with all of the necessary cords. The CS540 base unit is smaller, has more visible indicator lights, improved switches, and is compatible with the handset lifter.

The unit comes with a multi-language foldout that is adequate for the initial connection to a desk phone. Complete manual is available online as well, advanced switches for wide-narrow band radio settings, and headset pairing can sometime be tricky to understand but despite that, a new user can easily figure it out well enough that he needs no more than 10 minutes from the time the box is opened to when all is done with installation and setup !!!

The CS540 can be used over-the-ear or over-the-head, but the lightweight earpiece works very well whilst resting on the user’s ear. The mic boom is slightly adjustable toward user’s mouth, and easily adjustable up and down. So finding a comfortable position is easier than the earlier generation Plantronics headset models. The CS540 sound quality adjustment switches are much easier to understand and use than the older model. Switches require minimal adjustment from the factory settings. One should not be surprised if you forget that you are wearing a headset, it’s so lightweight !!! If you spend a lot of time on conference calls I can recommend the CS540 as well worth the extra cost

It delivers outstanding sound quality with ZERO complaints from others about my voice quality. Clarity is great and the range is incredible !!

In my attempt to test its limits, I experimented with the range and was delighted to experience a great clarity 300+ feet away from the Plantronics base. To my surprise, The device was still connecting to the base even when I stepped outside with no noticeable loss of signals !!! The CS540 is a very well made device.
A call to Plantronics 1-800 number is a quick way to get the settings correct, followed by a call to someone willing to answer your questions about “how does this sound?”

Great product, worth every penny!!!

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Redefine the way you communicate with your customers and colleagues.

JABRA™ has been the leading producer of professional headsets especially for the office environment. These headsets provide a more professional call for your customers, as they experience excellent sound quality and reduced background noise. For fewer misunderstandings and clearer communication, the secret’s in the headset.

JABRA™ is the most compatible headset for Cisco products and they greatly enhance the user experience when paired together. An increase in product sales revenue is sure to follow and your customers will be impressed by the selection of world-class products you have.

I will be presenting two of our top-selling headsets and how they can redefine the way you communicate with your customers and colleagues:


As the name implies, this series has been a catalyst in the evolution of the workplace environment. With the rapid growth of business today, an increase in manpower is often inevitable to keep up with the demands of customers. A great company knows the value of good employees and will always seek to address any problems that may arise when adding staff. A noisy work environment has a negative impact on an employee’s productivity. With the JABRA EVOLVE™ SERIES you can create your concentration zone and improve your productivity.




Here are some of the unique features of the JABRA EVOLVE™ SERIES:

• BREAKING SOUND WAVES – It has active noise cancellation, which eliminates unwanted low-frequency background noise at the touch of a button.

• AVAILABILITY BY CHOICE – It helps you avoid distractions. When you’re on a call, JABRA EVOLVE™ automatically turns on the busy light to let others know you are engaged. Even when you are not on a call, you can activate the red busy light to create your concentration zone and keep you from being disturbed.

• WORK OR LISTEN TO MUSIC – Today, work and play have merged, driving workers to require flexible work conditions. One minute you’re on the phone solving an issue, the next minute you’re playing your favorite song and relaxing. JABRA EVOLVE™ allows to you instantly switch between work and play, using any device.



When it comes to contact center headsets, the JABRA BIZ™ 2400 SERIES is the best there is. Talking to the phone for hours on end can be hard for your ears. This headset emphasizes comfort, state-of-the-art audio and durability. There are two main issues that often conflict each other when looking for an ideal headset. First is durability, which is prioritized by the decision makers as they want the headset to last as long as it can, lowering the total cost of ownership by avoiding replacements and repairs. Second is comfort and ease of use, which the headset users themselves often look for as they have to wear the device most of the working day. We address both these issues by providing one of the toughest headsets around, and making it as comfortable as possible and not to mention providing high quality sound as well.

Here are some of the unique features of the JABRA BIZ™ 2400 SERIES:

• CRYSTAL CLEAR CALLS – It has superior audio with Neodymium speakers and Gold contacts for crystal-clear voice transmission. It has 90% noise cancellation, the highest in the business, ensuring the other party only hears your voice.

• SUPREME COMFORT – You can wear it all day in total comfort. Choose from three different wearing styles, find the perfect fit with the adjustable frame and bendable boom-arm, and the soft ear cushions are easy on your ears.

• HIGH DURABILITY – The cord is made of Kevlar, one of the toughest materials on earth. The headpiece is made of surgical steel for maximum strength. The boom-arm has 360 degree rotation so you can adjust it as you see fit without the risk of breaking it.

How SSL Protects Sensitive Data

44 c3NsLmpwZw==The practice of sending financial and other sensitive information over the internet is here to stay. However, cyberspace is home to hackers and scammers who would love to get their hands on your personal information. The only way to prevent that from happening is to ensure that the sites you use have SSL protection. But how does SSL protect sensitive data and ensure the security of online business transactions?

SSL Protection

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is technology that allows for a safe link between your website, and a visitor’s web browser. The information transmitted over this channel is encrypted or coded, and is therefore safe and secure. The security process involves obtaining an SSL Certificate, which then facilitates data encryption.

  • SSL Certificate: This is a digital certificate that authenticates and verifies the website, assuring visitors that data protection is in place. Proof of a website’s security usually takes the form of a padlock symbol in the web browser. The SSL certificate also adjusts the web address from ‘http://’  to  ‘https://’ ( the ‘s’ means its secure). An  SSL certificate is issued by a Certified Authority (CA), and is a guarantee to visitors of the security of your website.
  • Data Encryption: This involves the use of keys to lock and unlock data. The information sent cannot be opened without the requisite key to decrypt it. The information is coded using a public key and is transmitted in this format, thereby avoiding any outside intrusion. When it gets to the destination server a private key is used to restore it to the original format, so that it can be read.
    Whether you do business online or have your own e-commerce website, data protection is vital. SSL can protect sensitive data, and avoid the dangers posed by hackers and scammers.

In today’s business, website security is a necessity. To look at how you can protect and enhance your website, contact MyITHub on 1300 769 640 Today!