Grandstream High End IP Phones

So you’re looking for Grandstream IP phones for your business but are uncertain which model to choose? Thankfully, we’ve simplified this process by listing some of the leading models below, as well as their features and benefits.

Grandstream GXP2135 HD PoE IP Phone
If your business has a medium to high call volume, then the Grandstream GXP2135 HD PoE IP Phone is ideal. With superior call control, high productivity and excellent usability, it will allow you and your staff to manage calls efficiently. Offering 8 lines and 4 SIP accounts, 4-way video conferencing, 32 digitally programmable speed dial keys and built-in Bluetooth, you can synch headsets and mobile devices with ease.

Grandstream GXP2140 HD PoE IP Phone
The Grandstream GXP2140 HD PoE IP Phone offers a premium user experience and is suited for a medium to high call volume. While it’s still a popular IP phone choice for a call-intensive environment, it only supports 4 lines and 4 SIP accounts, whereas the Grandstream GXP2135 HD PoE IP phone manages 8 lines. With 5-way video conferencing, dual gigabyte ports and integrated Bluetooth for syncing with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices and headsets, this model is very functional.

Grandstream GXP2160 HD PoE IP Phone
If you have a high call volume and you’re after fast call turnover, then the Grandstream GXP2160 HD PoE IP phone is a good choice for you. Renowned as one of Grandstream’s most intuitive and powerful IP phones it supports 6 lines and 6 SIP accounts, which is more than the Grandstream GXP2140 HD PoE IP phone and the Grandstream GXP2135 HD PoE IP phone. Some of the many features of this IP phone range from integrated Bluetooth to 5-way voice conferencing and 24 dual coloured speed dial keys.

Grandstream GXP2170 HD PoE IP Phone
With a vast range of features, the Grandstream GXP2170 HD PoE IP phone is the most powerful IP phone the company supplies. Ideal for users with extremely call intensive roles, it provides optimal call efficiency, user experience and the fastest connection speeds. The expandable speed dial capabilities, ability to support 12 lines and 6 SIP accounts and 5-way voice conferencing makes it more superior than the other alternatives listed for maximum call volume businesses.

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Grandstream Basic and Mid-range IP Phones

Choosing the right Grandstream IP phone for your business can often be difficult, with so many phones available in the market. To simplify this process we’ve listed the important features and the benefits of some of the most popular Grandstream basic and mid-range IP phones below.

Basic IP Phones

Grandstream GXP1620/1625 HD IP Phone

A basic IP phone with all of the essential functionalities, the Grandstream GXP1620 / 1625 HD IP Phone has light-to-medium call volume, allows 3-way conferencing and offers 2 lines and SIP accounts and HD audio for good sound clarity. This IP Phone would be ideal for small businesses.

Grandstream GXP1630 HD PoE IP Phone

Renowned as one of the most powerful basic IP phones on the market, the Grandstream GXP1630 HD PoE IP Phone is designed for low to medium call volumes, 4 way conferencing, 3 SIP accounts and advanced call quality. With a call history storing up to 200 call records, speed dial keys and integrated PoE, the Grandstream GXP1630 is suited to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Mid-Range IP Phones

Grandstream GXP1760 HD PoE IP Phone

With an efficient mid-range capacity capable of up to 6 lines and 3 SIP accounts, as well as 24-speed dial keys, the Grandstream GXP1760 HD PoE IP Phone is a good choice for growing businesses. The 5-way audio conferencing and extensive phone book capacity ranging up to 2000 contacts, in conjunction with a call history of up to 500 records it’s a versatile IP phone.

Grandstream GXP1780/1782 HD PoE IP Phone

A very powerful mid-range IP phone, the Grandstream GXP1780/1782 HD PoE is designed to manage 8 lines and 4 sip accounts and has personalized ringtone music and integration with many advanced web applications. Equipped with Kensington Security Slot Anti-theft, a phone book capacity of 2000 contacts and a 500 record call history, it’s a good choice of IP phone for mid to large businesses.

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EdgePoint-S16 EdgeMax Router/Switch – An Overview

The EdgePoint is an amazing 16 port Router/Switch POE combo device that is robust & designed for outdoor & industrial applications. Imagine farms, factories or for running a security camera system – This is perfect – its rated to 65 degrees ambient operating temperatures – Its weather proof – Has SFP+


Buy here – Ubiquiti EdgePoint 16 Port PoE Outdoor WISP Switch EP-S16

Download the Datasheet 

Download the Quick Start Guide

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Polycom Executive Range IP Phones

Polycom VVX executive range IP phones combine cutting edge audio and video technology with innovative designs and user interfaces to provide a seamless and unified communication system suitable for organizations of all sizes.

We’ve compared the major features of the Polycom VVX 600 Series Business Media Phone, the Polycom VVX 1500 Business Media Phone and the Polycom VVX 1500D Dual Stack Business Media Phone to help you select the best IP conference phone for your business.

Polycom VVX 600 Series Business Media Phone
The Polycom VVX 600 Series Business Media Phone is an all in one, premium desktop phone designed for corporate executives and managers. This model features a large, capacitive TFT LCD (480 x 272) touch-screen that is 4.3″ in size, as many as 16 speed dials or line appearances, video conferencing capability via an external USB cam and integrated Bluetooth. Features such as zero touch provisioning for plug and play and a robust stack of SIP features make the Polycom VVX 600 simple for administrators to use, deploy, maintain and upgrade.

Polycom VVX 1500 Business Media Phone
The Polycom VVX 1500 combines videoconferencing and business applications with advanced IP telephony to provide a smooth communication experience for busy professionals in organizations of any size. The Polycom VVX 1500 features one-touch videoconferencing direct from the desktop, and an inbuilt 7″ color touch TFT LCD touch-screen interface for voice and video applications. The adjustable inbuilt camera base and display provides eye-level visual interactions to suit any environment. This phone only supports six line appearances, fewer than the Polycom VVX 600, but features superior Polycom HD Voice.

Polycom VVX 1500D Dual Stack Business Media Phone
The Polycom VVX 1500D is the premiere dual-stack business media desktop phone with the ability to run both SIP and H.323 at the same time, enabling the device to develop open source standards and your active calls simultaneously. The call and video conferencing features of this phone are similar to the Polycom VVX 1500, with a 7″ color touch TFT LCD touch-screen, adjustable camera, and six Polycom HD Voice enabled phone line appearances.

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New Vigor2862 Series

Advanced features

  • Faster Wi-Fi speed 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-band wireless for speed up to 1.7Gbps (ac/Vac model) compared to 1300 Mbps for the Vigor2860.
  • Increased number of IP addresses supported IP Pool Count (up to 1022) for LAN1~3 subnet, compared to 253 for Vigor2860
  • Increased number of IP subnets (8 in Vigor2862 compared to 6 in Vigor2860)
  • Increased number of VLANS (16 in Vigor2862 compared to 8 in Vigor2860)
  • Faster processor in Vigor2862
  • Faster throughput in Vigor2862 compared to Vigor2860 (400 Mbps for 2862 compared to 300 Mbps in 2860)
  • Faster VPN throughput in Vigor2862
  • Increase in number of NAT sessions supported (60,000 in Vigor2862 compared to 50,000 in 2860)


The Vigor2862 supports up to 8 LAN IP subnets, an IP Routed subnet and a DMZ port. The 8 LAN IP subnets can be assigned to 16 VLANS allowing the creation of logical workgroups to provide additional security and traffic management within an organisation. For example, within a building each tenant or workgroup can be assigned their own IP network. In addition, workgroups can also be located in different physical locations or floors within a building. For example, a Sales Department may be located on the 1st floor of a building, but some of the sales people are located on the second floor and still be part of the sales VLAN. The IEEE 802.1q VLAN trunk feature means that only a single LAN cable connection is required between the router and the VigorSwitch, create a number of VLANs for different departments.

The VLAN Tag Priority setting can be used to prioritise traffic for certain VLANS or workgroups.

Multi-site business deployment

Increase remote access security to your office by combining both VPN and Firewall features in the Vigor2862.

The Vigor2862 supports up to 32 simultaneous VPN tunnels (such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/SSL protocols) for secure data exchange and communication. In addition, 16 SSL-VPN tunnels are available for teleworkers to access the office LAN. Teleworkers can be authenticated directly with your LDAP server if preferred. The SSL technology is same as the encryption used for secure web sites such as online banking.

Security is enhanced by utilising firewall features such as web content and URL filtering in addition to restricting access to P2P traffic and Instant Messaging applications.

The Vigor2862 series is equipped with ADSL2+/VDSL2 and one Gigabit Ethernet port and two USB WAN ports for WAN load-balancing and backup. This allows backup VPN tunnels to be created to branch office networks to ensure maximum VPN connectivity uptime. In addition, the VPN Trunking feature can be used to set up dual VPN tunnel links to branch office networks to increase bandwidth and provide redundancy and backup to prevent downtime due to one of the WAN connections failing.

Central Management:
AP / Switch / VPN Management

The Central Management features allow the network administrator to monitor and configure Vigor devices including VigorAPs, Vigor Switches, and even Vigor Routers from a central management console built into the Vigor2862 series router. Maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades, configuration backup and restoration as well as and monitoring be done from a single portal.

Three options are available in Central Management. These are:

  • VPN Management
  • AP Management
  • Switch Management

VPN management supports 8 external CPE devices and allows the creation and management of IPSec, PPTP or SSL-VPN tunnels from the central Vigor2862 router to the remote routers.

The AP Management feature allows the monitoring and auto-configuration of up to 20 DrayTek Access Points connected to the Vigor2862 LAN. Automatic Provisioning can be triggered when a new Access point is connected to the LAN. Other features include client or traffic history of the AP and configuration of load balancing rules for the Access Points.

Switch Management allows you to manage up to 10 Vigor Switches. It simplifies the task of configuring VLANS in attached VigorSwitches matching the router’s VLAN settings. It also displays the switch status as well as the network topology through the switch hierarchy feature.

USB Thermometer

The optional USB thermometer can be attached to the Vigor2862 to provide logging of the ambient temperature in the server room. Upper and lower temperature thresholds can be set and when the temperature exceeds these thresholds and alarm is generated. This alarm can be sent to the network administrator via email or SMS to alert them of the environmental issue.

802.11ac Wave 2 (ac/Vac model)

802.11ac Wave 2 can simultaneously stream to multiple users to maximize bandwidth utilization

Vigor2862ac routers now operate 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi with support for MU-MIMO, TX Beam Forming, 1733Mb/s Link Rate and up to 4 spatial streams. This allows up to 4 wireless clients such as laptops or smartphones to have simultaneous access to a Wi-Fi channel. The result is an increased performance of the Wi-Fi network.

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